Piura Private Reserve 70% (Medium Roast) *THE ORIGIN PROJECT*

Piura Private Reserve 70% (Medium Roast) *THE ORIGIN PROJECT*


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This is a Very Limited Batch only 35 bars will be made for now as we are using samples to make different roasts/percentages. If you take part in this project, please 

Perfectly ground and conched you will notice a difference between the flavor of this bar and bars moving forward in comparison to previous ORIGIN PROJECT bars. It's outstanding!

This bean from the jungles of Peru is a very unique bean, legendary in fact. The cost for a bean of this rarity is 3x the price of the beans we currently use. This doesn't necessarily mean that they taste better, but it does mean that they are harder to get our hands on to craft into chocolate. It is one of the rarest beans in the world and is a Criollo varietal. Criollo beans are incredibly rare and are very hard to grow. You can't grow Criollo cacao in a very large plantation as it is very susceptible to fungal and bacterial issues that can take the entire crop out. It's very delicate. This particular harvest is perfection. Beautiful small beans from the small Criollo cacao pods. The resulting chocolate is bright and complex, floral and really just a wonderfully unique experience.

Flavor Notes: Sweet Cranberry, Orange Blossom Honey, Jasmine, Chocolate Milk

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- Fair Trade Piura Private Reserve Cacao Beans
- Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar
- Organic Cacao Butter