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Calabrian Chili Pepper Caramel 4 Pack *LIMITED BATCH*

Calabrian Chili Pepper Caramel 4 Pack *LIMITED BATCH*

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This is a Very Limited Batch only 50 will be made for now. We will be rotating new flavors in as we sell out, so if you see one you like grab it before its gone!


We did some research on some of the most flavorful peppers in the world for this drop. We stumbled on one of the culinary world's favorites, the Calabrian Chili Pepper. This chili has some amazing savory heat but also has some fruity notes to it. We paired it with some smoky chipotle and some extra sea salt to really pull out all the savory tones of these peppers. Tons of flavor, and quite a nice heat on the back end. Lingering for while with waves of different flavors. Outstanding.

4 Pieces


- Fair-Trade Organically Farmed Peruvian Cacao
- Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar
- Organic Cacao Butter
- Organic Local Heavy Cream
- Organic Irish Grassfed Butter
- Glucose Syrup
- Calabrian Chili Pepper
- Smoked Chipotle Pepper
- Maldon Sea Salt
- Vanilla Bean

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    En Fuego in the best way possible

    So delicious!