Why Buying Craft (Fair-Trade) Chocolate Is Important

Posted by Steven Shipler on

Stone Grindz Craft Dark Chocolate Scottsdale, Arizona

Below are just a few reasons that fine craft chocolate (like ours!) is some of the most interesting and best food in the culinary world.


  • Fundamentals of Flavor. In the attempt to try and understand chocolate's flavor, food scientists have found more than 600 different aromatic constituents. Yet they still have not been able to re-create chocolate's unique flavor. These components make chocolate one of the most complex of any food or beverage in the world, and everyday we are working to better understand, and develop these complexities in an approachable, and enjoyable way.


  • Cacao Fermentation. One of the most crucial steps to creating fine chocolate, is finding a cacao bean that has been properly fermented. The beans are harvested from cacao pods and are fermented for serveral days, then carefully dried afterwards. This fermentation adds depth of flavor that doesn’t exist in the raw material, just like other craft foods, including wine, beer, and cheese.


  • Enhancing the Cacao through Roasting. Part of the craft of chocolate making, is taking the fermented bean and roasting it to further those brownie-like, deep "chocolatey" notes. Deciding on a roasting profile, i.e. temperature and time, is part of the maker's art. Each profile creates flavor nuances that are exciting and unique to that specifc bean. 


  • Where does your chocolate come from? Cacao grows in a narrow belt, 10 degrees on either side of the equator, and all cacao is unique to the region it is grown. Some beans provide intense citrusy tones or flavors of different fruits, while others you taste notes of spice and tobacco. Part of our quest for making great chocolate is sourcing beans that have interesting, yet utterly enjoyable flavor profiles to them. 


  • Small-batch Chocolate. Chocolate is truly a historic and ancient food, and we want to present this to you in the best possible way. After testing and sourcing the beans, the chocolate making can begin! Each batch is carefully crafted in small amounts, this allows development of each step as we see fit for each specific bean. The result, a chocolate experience that leaves you blissed out and just downright happy.



Kasey and Steven, founders of Stone Grindz Chocolate, are working passionately to craft the best chocolate in the world for you. So go out and experience real chocolate.

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