International Chocolate Awards 2019

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For the past three years we have participated in something called the International Chocolate Awards, and you can probably already guess what it's all about. In this article though, I wanna take the time to explain how the process works and why this is so important for us. 

Each year hundreds of chocolate makers from all over the world send in multiples of their best chocolate creations to be judged by a panel of serious foodies. These creations are our most creative and most perfected chocolate endeavors. The chocolate is judged on just about everything, from the sourcing of beans & ingredients to how that tiny piece of cacao melts in your mouth. The judges will also critique the roast of your cacao beans, if there are any interesting developed flavors, bitterness levels, its aroma, color, melt, particle size, and overall how all these things come together in the bar. It also should be noted that the judging is a blind tasting, all of their responses are based on the tiny piece of chocolate in front of them, nothing else. So many chocolate makers enter this competition that it is broken into two main rounds. First you compete within your region and for us that means all the rest of the United States, Canada, and South America. The competition is also broken down into lots of categories like plain/origin bars, flavored bars, flavored bars with milk and so on (there's a lot!). Each category receives a Gold, multiple Silvers, and a few more Bronze. If you place, you move on to compete with the rest of the world. It's fair to say, it's a pretty exciting time!

In the last few years we have been fortunate enough to place within multiple categories, Americas and Worlds. We have been awarded a total of 12 International Chocolate Awards and we are greatly humbled by that. More than anything these awards and our participation in them is our confirmation that we are doing what we are meant to be doing. Our passion for making great chocolate is fueled by the positive and negative feedback that we receive. It gives us an objective evaluation of what is working and how to fix what isn't. All in all, we happy to participate and grateful to be rewarded for our efforts. 

To see the full list of winners from this years Americas competition, please click the link. 

Click Here For 2019 Winners

2019 Americas Competition: 

Silver - Coconut Milk Ginger 55%

Silver - Suntory Whiskey & Asian Pear Caramel

Bronze - Esmeraldas, Ecuador 70%

Bronze - Ucayali River, Peru 70%

Bronze - Wild Bolivia 70%

Bronze - Raspberries & Vanilla 68%

Special - Alternate Vegan Milk Chocolate (Coconut Milk Ginger 55%)

Special - Innovation (Suntory Whiskey & Asian Pear Caramel)


2018 Competition:

Gold - Coconut Milk Ginger 55%

Silver - Ucayali River, Peru 70%

Silver - Wild Bolivia 70%

Silver - Hacienda Victoria 85%

Bronze - Ucayali River 70% (World Final)


2017 Competition:

Bronze - Ecuador 70%

Bronze - Wild Bolivia 70%

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